Unified Intelligence

No More siros, bring all your data from APIs, SaaS tools, databases into a single location without writing any code.

Visualise Data

ditData makes it ridiculously easy to build dashboards in minutes using drag-and-drop.

Invite teams

Invite all teams from marketing to engineering, you manage access to what data. They build insight themselves

How it Works

Intelligence for everyone in your organization

Unify all your data from APIs, databases to data locked in 3P saas tools together without writing a single extraction code.


Get and blend data from multiple sources

We managed your data storage infrastructures. So no one in you team even needs to.

Faster time to insight

Your success, and that of your teams, depends on making informed decisions faster. get faster time to insight with ditData

Democratize data - for everyone!

make data available where they are needed

A new approach to organizational data analytics

Anyone can use ditData

  • No coding

  • It's FREE

  • For all industries

  • Data Workspace

No technical knowledge required

Unlike other tools, no one in your team need know how to code to effectively use ditData

  • Just mouse clicks
  • No need to hire armies of data analysts

Just in case you missed it

ditData is free to get started. Build unlimited dashboards, store and intelligentify data for free

  • No credit card required
  • Unlimited data sources and destinations

In regulated industry?

ditData works fine for all industries including those with strict data regulatory requirements.

  • Effortlessly meet regulatory requirements

A workspace for distributed teams

See who is doing what, entire data needs in one single platform

  • Workforce insight collaboration